Flexible long-dimensioned flat-sheathed pipelines are made from 150 to 1200 mm in diameter, up to 100 m. They are characterized by low weight (one meter of a flat-rolled pipeline with a diameter of 450 mm and designed for a working pressure of 0.4 mPa weighs no more than 4.5 kg).

Piping suction and pressure-suction are designed for suction and injection of various liquids and slurries in the temperature range from -40 to +50 ° C. Suction pipelines operate under vacuum to 600 mm Hg. Suction, pressure-up to 10 kgf / cm2 and discharge to 600 mm Hg. They are produced in diameter up to 530 mm and length up to 7300 mm with flanges or cuffs.

Flexible pressure pipelines of the TNF consist of power elements, a sealing inner coating and an outer protective layer, resistant to hydroabrasive wear. Flexible pipelines are manufactured with a diameter of 150 to 900 mm, a length of 7.3 m, and a working pressure of up to 4 MPa. Pipelines can be manufactured in a floating version. On average, the life of our pipelines for hydroabrasive wear is 5-8 times greater than that of steel pipes, they have increased resistance to aggressive media. Pressure pipelines can be manufactured in a floating version.

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