Brief description of pulp dividers and flow distributors

The company "Dawn-K", according to the customer's drawings, produces various flow distributors and pulp dividers.

To place an order, you need to provide us the geometric dimensions and angles of the location of the issues. Pulp dividers and flow distributors are made of abrasion-resistant composite materials, have the necessary number of flanges for connection of process pipelines.

For the connection of pipelines of different diameters, there are in the construction conical adapters that provide a smooth flow distribution, reduce frictional pressure losses. Due to the smoothness of the transitions, the resistance to hydroabrasive wear is significantly improved. The pellet dividers have an operating pressure of up to 1.6 MPa. Operating temperature range is -35 to +50 ° C.

Pictures of pulp dividers

prod4 pic1prod4 pic2

prod4 pic3

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