Flexible pressure pipelines of the TNF consist of power elements, a sealing inner coating and an outer protective layer, resistant to hydroabrasive wear. Flexible pipelines are manufactured with a diameter of 150 to 900 mm, a length of 7.3 m, and a working pressure of up to 4 MPa. Pipelines can be manufactured in a floating version. On average, the life of our pipelines for hydroabrasive wear is 5-8 times greater than that of steel pipes, they have increased resistance to aggressive media. Pressure pipelines can be manufactured in a floating version.

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Pressure head floating elastic pipeline, with flanges used in hydromechanization as a ground line. With bending radii of 10-12 of its diameters, it retains its shape and thus does not require ball joints. The absence of ball joints, the elasticity of our pipelines allows to move the slurry of increased concentration (up to 50% on a solid basis). The buoyancy of the pipeline is ensured by the floats. The floats are made of a material resistant to mechanical action. Apparent density of float material is in the range of 60-110 kg / m3. Water absorption does not exceed 1.2%, and the breaking stress at a tension of 700-950 kPa. Elastic pipelines up to 7.3 meters in diameter 159, 219, 273, 325 mm and 426 mm, designed for pressure up to 4 MPa, and are connected together through special sealing rings. Losses of pressure on friction in our pipelines are 8-12% lower than in steel pipes. Weight 1 l.m. Flexible pipes are 3-4 times smaller than steel pipes of the same diameters. Floating pipelines are compact and convenient in transportation.

Comparative analysis of elastic floating pipelines of LLC "Rassvet-K".

Flexible floating pipelines of TNFP:

  • At a cost four times cheaper than steel reflowers. For example, the floating T80.000.000A link with a length of 7 m DN 300 mm made of steel costs 160 000 rubles, and the link of the flexible floating pipeline DNPP Du325 mm costs 48,000 rubles.
  • One machine is required to transport one section of a steel refueller with pontoons or a flexible refueler of 20 sections DN325 mm with a length of 150 m.
  • Time for installation and dismantling of flexible floating pipeline TNFP is much less than steel with pontoons and balls. The weight of one section of a steel refiner Du 300 mm is 2500 kg, and the weight of one section of a flexible floating pipeline DN 325 mm is 200 kg.
  • To work with a flexible floating pipeline, no ball joints are required.
  • The life of hydroabrasive wear in a flexible floating pipeline is 5-8 times greater than that of a steel pipeline.
  • The radius of flexing of the flexible floating pipeline TNPP is 12 diameters, for DN 325 mm is 4 m. When working with flexible floating pipeline TNFP, the energy consumption for moving 1m3 of soil is reduced by 20-30%., The reduction of energy costs occurs as due to reduction of head losses along the length, and by reducing the pressure loss on local resistance, which are ball joints that cover up to 2/3 of the area of ​​the live section of the pipeline.

  • Working with a flexible floating pipeline allows you to move the slurry with a concentration of up to 50% on a solid.
  • When working with a steel pipeline, ball joints allow working with a pressure of up to 1 MPa and a minimum wave.

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Flexible floating pipeline TNFP can work with a pressure of up to 4 MPa, with significant wave loads. Elastic pipelines (TNF and TNFP) are made in several modifications. With soft cuffs at the ends of pipes, with fixed rubber-metal flanges and with rotating steel flanges on a rubber-fabric "collar". The last two connections do not require the use of any gaskets.

For the rapid separation of the floating pipes of the TNFP into separate parts, we offer you quick-disconnect couplings of the construction of LLC "Rassvet-K". For electric dredgers we offer our customers a special device, allowing to lay the cable, to install the signal lights. One device is necessary for one section of floating pipes of TNFP. The design of the floating pipeline TNFP is protected by the application for invention No. 2007131035/03.

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