The main ways to improve the efficiency of the hydromechanized complex are: reducing its material consumption and energy consumption, increasing abrasion and corrosion resistance, reducing operating costs.

Water has always been a source of danger for humans. The water element, as a rule, is sudden and unpredictable, and measures to protect against it must be the same reactive. The enterprise "Rassvet-K" developed quickly erected flexible dams, which can be temporarily used for the liquidation of emergency situations (ES) for the period of the installation of basic protective structures, allowing to gain time for the evacuation of people from the disaster zone.

Elastic floating subterranean lines are designed for hydrotransportation of soil during dredging, underwater trenching, hydro-washing of industrial sites, etc. Primer lines are manufactured in several modifications: pressure, pressure-suction and suction.

Elastic bends are made for the mining and mining industry for the transfer of abrasive materials, in concentrating factories in pipeline lines for moving the rock for further processing. On suction dredgers are used for installation of hull primers. Elastic bend is made for pressure up to 1 MPa, with a wear-resistant inner chamber with a diameter of 219 to 530 mm. (f 1)

Flexible connections of pipelines - compensators are made with a diameter of up to 900 mm and length up to 1000 mm. The presence of flanges allows you to collect pipelines of the required length. Flange dimensions are made in accordance with GOST 12819-80, 12820-80, 12822-80 or in agreement with the customer. One section of flexible connection provides a rotation angle between individual links of steel pipes of at least 25 °.

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