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Floating pipeline - brief description

The floating pulp pipeline of our production is divided into sections, each section is a rubber-fabric pipe with floats attached to it. Floating pipes manufactured by "Rassvet-K", in contrast to all the known elastic slurry pipelines manufactured by Russian enterprises, have increased flexibility when working on the ship's passage. The buoyancy of the pipes is ensured by floats made of a material resistant to mechanical action. Due to the effect of solar radiation and external mechanical effects of the float, at the request of the customer, they can be protected with polymer covers. The ability to remove floats from the pipeline, provides its multifunctionality, makes it possible to use them, for example, when working on shore dumps.

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Floating rubber hose - construction

Floating slurry pipeline production "Rassvet-K", have free rotating flanges, ensuring the ease of installation of the pipeline afloat. Floating slurry pipelines are produced using modern polymeric materials, which makes it possible to operate them in conditions of negative temperatures and their safety when frozen in ice.

Floating slurry pipeline consists of power elements, sealing internal wear-resistant coating, outer protective layer and compact floats. The one-piece design of a separate float ensures reliable attachment to the rubber-fabric pipe, and the location of floats on the pipe provides increased flexibility in comparison with Russian and foreign counterparts. This advantage allows us to completely abandon the spherical and flexible connections of slurry pipelines during the operation of floating pipelines of our production. Floating slurry pipeline, in agreement with the customer, can be equipped with floats providing zero or positive buoyancy at 100%, 70% or 50% loading of the slurry pipeline.

Floating slurry pipeline is divided into sections up to 10 meters long, the fastening between which is carried out with the help of flanged connections. As agreed with the customer, fastenings can be the following modifications: with rotating flanges (VF), immovable rubber-metal flanges (NF), quick-disconnect couplings (BS) and with couplings (M). If necessary, the floating pipeline is equipped with platforms for cable laying and fixing of signal lights.

Technical characteristics of floating rubber hose

The floating rubber-fabric pipes of the pipe have a life for hydroabrasive wear of 5-8 times greater than that of steel pipes and have increased resistance to aggressive media. As compared to pontoon subsoil, the floating pulp line of our production, subject to the rules of operation, does not require frequent maintenance (welding etc.)

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Working pressure of pressure pipes, mPa - up to 2,0
Radius of bending - 8-12 diameters of the pipeline
Abrasion value, cm3 / kWh - 800
Guaranteed buoyancy (standard version) at a concentration of up to 50%
Temperature limit of operability, 0 С -25 to +50
Warranty period of storage and operation, years - 3
Including exploitation, years - 2

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