The design of the slurry pipeline with the pads for laying the power cable for the electric dredger has been improved. The unique design ensures that the electrical cable is always located above the water, while maintaining the mobility and flexibility of the pipeline.

The sites for the laying of the electric cable are fixed to the flange assembly of the pipeline, as well as with clamps for every third float. To the flange connection, remote floats are mounted, so that the remote area under the cable is above the water when the flange rotates. This method of attaching the platform provides free rotation of the pipeline, helping to avoid twisting and excessive load on the walls of the slurry pipeline.

In the improved design, intermediate platforms for the cable were added. The platforms are fixed with rotating clamps to each third float. To the yokes as well as to the flanges, separate floats are attached, ensuring the arrival of the electrical cable over the water.

The new design was tested at one of the customer's facilities, and allowed to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the electric dredger, both in calm and windy weather.

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